Our Story

Hand-Crafted Spiritual Goodness

Salt & Air By B is a Geelong-Based spiritual brand, founded in 2021 by Bianca Grima.

My mission for the business is to share with the world the amazing benefits that can be found in spiritual products.

My hand made self love herb and flower jars are made with my energy and intent, and are created for the owners benefit. Just carry the jar around with you, or place it above your bed and with belief and intention let spirituality take the wheel.

With a range of beautiful crystal chip bracelets also available, these products are created once again with the benefit of the owner so YOU in mind! 

Be prepared for new products to appear often, as I find the products that speak to me and tell me to share them, I will.

I am so thankful for your support of my business and I look forward to this adventure we are on.


Blessed Be - Bianca Grima ♡ ♡ ♡